The Wegman Family

Jack and Walter Wegman went into the food business together in 1916.  In 1930, the brothers opened a store in Rochester that got national attention. The 20,000-square-foot store featured a 300-seat cafeteria, refrigerated food display windows, and vaporized water spray to keep vegetables and produce fresh.  “My dad, who died at an early age, was as good a merchant as there was in his time.  His stores were as fine as any in the country or the world.  Retailers from all over came to Rochester to see how they could emulate Wegmans.”

By the early 90s Wegmans stores were nearly one hundred times larger than the typical 1,200 square-foot stores of the late 40s. Grocery shopping gradually became a visit to the global village.  In pushing the concept of customer convenience to unheard of levels within the industry, he added such things as a pharmacy, photo lab, video department, and child play centers to the stores

Robert Wegman was named chairman of his company in 1969, and in 1976 his son, Danny, followed him as president.

Wegmans Food Markets
1500 Brooks Avenue
PO Box 30844
Rochester, NY 14603-0844