The Golub Family

The Golub history of Price Chopper dates back to 1900 when Lewis Golub arrived at Ellis Island and merged his company with one owned by Joseph Grossberg so his sons, Bernard, and William, would be part of a larger stronger firm.

Two years later, the sons opened the area's first "one-stop shopping outle" in Green Island, N.Y., It was called the Public Service Market and introduced to this region the forerunner of the supermarket.

Ben and Bill Golub met with other supermarket leaders and formed the first Supermarket Institute in 1937 which today is the Food Marketing Institute. The Golub Corp. was soon formed in 1943.

With the move of supermarkets to suburbs and malls, Central Markets kept pace with the suburban boom and was receptive to the changing lifestyles and buying habits of the expanding population. Bill Golub and Central Markets started the 24 hour concept in the early 1970s

It was at this time that Central Markets converted to Price Chopper and the theme was to establish the company as the area's low price and high quality operator.


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